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Program Details

The Saskatchewan Legislative Internship Program contains six components which provide a variety of experiences for the interns.

Orientation Component

SLIP begins with orientation meetings that are arranged for all interns. Most of these meetings occur during the first two weeks of the internship.

The meetings are designed to give the interns an understanding of the Legislative Assembly and the elected and appointed officials and others who interact with the Assembly. For example, the interns will meet with the Speaker of the Assembly, representatives of government and opposition caucuses, and representatives of the news media and of central agencies in executive government.


Core Component

Interns are assigned to elected members of the Legislative Assembly. The assignments are primarily with private members, but may include legislative secretaries.

Each intern will spend approximately three months with an elected member from the government caucus and approximately three months with an elected member from the opposition caucus. Because interns are mentored by members from “both sides” of the Legislative Assembly, the Program imposes very strict requirements on the interns to engage in only non-partisan activities and to be vigilant about ensuring confidentiality in the work they do with the members.

The interns’ activities with the elected members can include serving as a special assistant, conducting research, preparing speeches and correspondence, and assisting constituents with accessing government services. They also will “shadow” the member at meetings and events.

Interns are invited to observe meetings and events associated with the work of the Legislative Assembly. They will have opportunities to observe debates in the Assembly, including the daily Question Period. They will be able to attend news conferences and watch “scrums” between the politicians and the news media. They will also be able to attend meetings of various legislative committees.

As part of their mentorship, members of the Legislative Assembly will be encouraged to invite interns into their constituency offices and to participate in constituency meetings and events.


Academic Component

The Saskatchewan Legislative Internship Program provides the interns with six credits towards an undergraduate degree. The Program is recognized as a course by the University of Regina (Political Science 480) and the University of Saskatchewan (Political Studies 482.6).

At the end of the internship, each intern will receive a grade which recognizes his or her participation in SLIP. The grade consists of the intern’s academic performance and other activities associated with the Program. The largest factor in determining the final grade involves some small research papers which each intern prepares individually, and some larger reports which the interns prepare as a team.


Intern Development Component

Through the generous support of its sponsors, an intern development fund has been created to support special projects that are identified by the interns to enhance their experience in the Program. These projects include transportation and accommodation costs related to the interns’ travel to other jurisdictions, as well as attendance at workshops, conferences, meetings, and consultations with major organizations and with people in leadership positions from various sectors of Saskatchewan.

An important element of the Program’s intern development component involves the interns’ study tour to other jurisdictions. The purpose of the tour is to allow the interns to compare legislative and government processes to what they have observed and experienced in Saskatchewan. In previous years, the interns have travelled to cities in Canada (including Ottawa), the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.


Community Service Component

The Program includes a community service component through which the interns serve as volunteers in one or more of the province’s community-service organizations. The purpose of this component is to give the interns an understanding of social and cultural issues in Saskatchewan, as well as the organizations that work towards addressing these issues through advocacy or the delivery of services.


Administrative Component

Each intern is assigned administrative duties pertaining to the operations of the Program. These duties can include organizing tours and meetings, promoting the Program, and assisting with the recruitment of future interns.


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